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Sanven 3d Wheel Nail Art Rhinestones Glitters Gems 12 Different Colors for Your Beauty

  • Makes You Wonderful Nail Style
  • Create Your Own Pattern and Add Shiny Colors to Our Nail Art
  • Perfect For Professional Or Home Use
  • Different Patterns in Separate Chamber of the Wheel Box Provided.
  • Box Packaged, Easy to Carry and Store.

Product Details:

1.Retail package

2.Flower-shaped Nail Art Rhinestones comes in 12 different colors

3.Flatback, easy for sticking Retail Package with wheel , easy to carry and ready for use!

4.Can be used for many times if they are used and removed properly.

5.Create your own pattern and add shiny colors to our nail art!!

6.These colors could be worn on face and body for makeup

7.Make your nails sparkling and add shiny colors to your nails

8.Easy to use, can be also be used to decorate your home and furniture, cell phone and mp3 cases, glasses, cards, bookmarks, body art, etc..

9.For professional salon or home use Size: ~2mm (diameter)

Package Content:

Top quality of 12 different colors flower glitter flower in individual pot.

How to Use:

1.Clean the surface of your nails, brush the base polish

2.Place the rhinestone onto nails.

3.Seal with a clear top coat.

Price: $20.99


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