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Modern Lash EyeLash Extensions Lash The Starter Kit

  • Modern Lash has become the world’s leading brand in faux eyelashes because it has stayed true to its mission in wanting to give women a way to have beautiful, extraordinary eyes.
  • Bee Line Industries partnered with Modern Lash and has created one of the world’s finest quality selections of easy-to-use, premium quality faux eyelashes and accessories.
  • Kit Includes – J Curl 2mm x 10mm – .5 gram, J Curl 2mm x 12mm – .5 gram, B Curl 2mm x 10mm -.5 gram,B Curl 2mm x 12mm -.5 gram, C Curl 2mm x 10mm – .5 gram, C Curl 2mm x 12mm – .5 gram, D Curl 2mm x 10mm – .5 gram,D Curl 2mm x 12mm – .5 gram
  • Adhesive – Standard Gel, Adhesive Remover, Jade Stone, Air Blower Pink, Micro-Brushes, Mascara Brushes, Adhesive Tape, Tweezers I Type Straight, Tweezers S Type Curved
  • Visit our website BeeLineIndustries for more products and comprehesive information about each item.

Superior products create superior results. Choose a Eyelash Extension Kit that will sure to expand your prospects. There are kits for every budget, but create the opportunity to expand your clientele as well as your revenues. The average kit: * Services up to 300 customers (includes full applications & touch ups) * Recover your investment in just 2-3 applications * Profit potential per kit exceeds $24,000 (results from technician to technician varies and depends greatly on level of expertise) Bee Line Industries The Essence of Quality & Luxury. After years of research and testing, our main product lines are the foundation of superior treatments within the Beauty Industry. With so many companies in the world market to consider, we believe these companies are driven by successful results with several years of science behind them. We are mainly a wholesale company that sells directly to other retailer’s in the industry. We support many spas, salons, waxing centers, nail facilities, and other health and beauty avenues. Our goal is to provide each one of our clients with outstanding customer service and fast dependable shipping. We recognized that our business depends on your business and we want you to succeed.

Price: $115.00


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