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Put Another Shrimp on The Barbie! ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Begins Filming

Harry and Lloyd are back! Emmy winner Jeff Daniels tweeted this photo of he and Jim Carrey on the Atlanta set of the Farrelly brothers’ sequel to 1994 s smash hit Dumb and Dumber, the aptly titled Dumb and Dumber To.

After nabbing an Emmy trophy for his dramatic turn as the acerbic anchor Will McAvoy in HBO’s political drama Newsroom, the gross-out buddy comedy reunion will be a nice change of pace for Daniels. Not too much is known about Dumb and Dumber To‘s plot except it sees the now 20 years older intellectually challenged, lovable oafs Harry and Lloyd in search of one of their lost children in hopes of receiving a new kidney. Daniels promises that “there are some things we’re going to do in Dumb and Dumber 2 (sic) that make the toilet scene look lame … pales in comparison. I can’t divulge what, just that they’ve topped it.”

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