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Sharknado: Stars Tweet About Syfy Movie Starring Tara Reid, Ian Ziering

  • Ian Ziering and Tara Reid costar in Syfy's Sharknado.

    Ian Ziering and Tara Reid star in Syfy’s Sharknado, which became a Twitter sensation when it premiered on July 11, 2013.Credit: Syfy

    Sharknado became a Twitter sensation when it premiered on the Syfy network on Thursday, July 11. The movie — about a tornado filled with sharks — stars Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and Cassie Scerbo. Dozens of celebrities weighed in on the over-the-top flick via the social networking site.

    “As usual, the beach youths all deserve to die,” former MTV News staff Kurt Loder wrote. “Rooting for the sharks #Sharknado.” Actor Patton Oswalt joked, “Dear @SyfyTV: please follow up SHARKNADO with PARTLY CLOWNY. Sky. Clowns. Michael Pare (probably).” 30 Rock alum Judah Friedlander also pitched a movie to the network, writing, “SharkFart vs Diarrhea Whale. Call me @Syfy. That’s my movie pitch. #Sharknado.”

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    Ziering, 49, wasn’t able to catch the premiere. “#LiveTweetingSharknado I cant believe how this movie is blowing up ALL social media,” he wrote. “Working with @Chippendales tonight, seeing it tomorrow.” The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum added, “After seeing myself in a wetsuit at 207lbs I’m surprised I didn’t get eatin first.. #lardandincharge.”

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    To see how the rest of Hollywood felt about Sharknado, read on:

    Olivia Wilde, Drinking Buddies
    I just recorded it based on this review: “@MiaFarrow: Omg omg OMG #sharknado” 

    B.J. Novak, Saving Mr. Banks
    I’m afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone’s going to treat it like a joke. 

    Chrissy Teigen, model
    Say what you will about Tara and Ian but I don’t see any of YOU starring in shark tornado tv movies 

    Christina Applegate, Anchorman 2
    We can’t just stay here and let sharks rain down on us…..,

    Josh Gad, 1600 Penn
    The Producers of Planet Earth are watching #SharkNado tonight asking themselves, “why do we even try?”

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    Autumn Reeser, Entourage
    On @NecRoughness set w/ @Karissaleelee and we are flabbergasted at the amount of people tweeting about #Sharknado. And now we feel left out.

    Horatio Sanz, G.B.F.
    I wish I could join in on the shenanigans, But I had a cousin that was killed by a #Sharknado back in ’93. #RamonRIP

    Elizabeth Banks, The Hunger Games
    Well, there goes my Emmy. RT @Syfy: . @oliviawilde @MiaFarrow We have roles for you both in the #Sharknado sequel @DamonLindelof is writing”

    Michael Chiklis, Parker
    Clearly SyFy is employing the old, “so bad, it’s good,” method with tremendous effect. #TrendingForHours #SharkNado”


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