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Man Of Steel Sequel: 5 Things We Should Definitely See

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Warner Bros. may not be any closer to bringing the Justice League to the big screen, but they’ve certainly managed to bring Superman – one of their most recognizable characters – back to movie relevancy in a big way. The Zack Snyder directed, Christopher Nolan produced franchise reboot Man of Steel may have divided critics, but played very well for audiences. As of this writing, the film has grossed $277.4 million domestically and over $588 million worldwide, making it the most financially successful Superman film to date.

Though a sequel has not been officially green lit just yet, it is inevitable there will be a Man of Steel 2 sometime in the near future. While it’s somewhat realistic for a followup to hit theaters in 2015, the already crowded summer schedule (including The Avengers 2 and a small indie film known as Star Wars Episode VII) makes it more likely the next Superman film won’t be released until 2016. This would allow the creative team to iron out a solid story and give the studio an opportunity to pick a prime release date with no competition.

Part two is a long way off yet, but it’s never too early to speculate where the series might go. As Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer begin to brainstorm ideas, here are five things to look for in the Man of Steel sequel.


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