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Aubrey Plaza Says Filming Sex Scene In ‘The To Do List’ Was ‘Like Going From Zero To A Million’

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza gets pretty raunchy for her latest role in The To-Do List, about a high school graduate whose goal is to lose her virginity over the summer so she’s “experienced” when she enters college.

Plaza, best known as April Ludgate from NBC’s hit show Parks and Recreation, discussed the film with the latest issue of More magazine, revealing all the details of her first on-screen sex scene for her new film and giving her take on the growing number of raunchy female-centric comedies.

“I’ve never done a sex scene before,” she tells More. “It’s like going from zero to a million.”

Aubrey says the scene where (spoiler alert) she finally loses her virginity in the film was most challenging, but she didn’t feel too much pressure because the movie is a comedy.

“Every scene was difficult. It is a comedy, so that relieved the pressure,” she says. “But the scene where I’m losing my virginity- it’s funny, but a real scene. It’s a crazy thing to capture on film and very scary for me.”

The film takes place in the early 90s, prior to the internet age where one could (very) easily research the subject of sex; and her character Brandy has to learn to be more sexual from the advice of friends and the dictionary, taking things a bit too literally.

“It’s great that there are more movies and TV shows that are female-centric and kind of honestly portray the female point of view of sex,” she says. “The HBO show Girls is a great example of that. If our movie is being lumped in that category of showing sex at a certain age, it’s really cool. In the past, those movies have focused on the male’s first time; there’s not a ton that go for it from a female perspective. So whether people like it or not, it’s important that it’s being done.

“The To-Do List hits theaters Friday, July 27. Check out more of Aubrey’s interview at and in the new issue.

The To Do List

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