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Calvin Klein Has Their Panties In A Bunch Over Nick Jonas’ Selfie!

We’re still sweating from the EXTREME hotness of Nick Jonas‘ rock-hard ab display from a few days ago, but we’ll try to cool down briefly so we can talk about it more!!

Nick called into KIIS FM to discuss his many upcoming projects, but of course they HAD to ask him about the steamy, half-nekkid selfie!! They were morally obligated to, EVERYone’s been talking about it.

But surprisingly, not everybody was as happy about the pic as we were!

The folks over at Calvin Klein were apparently offended that he wasn’t wearing their brand of undies!!

Nick explained:

“What’s hilarious is that we have a great relationship with Calvin Klein and their suits for events and things in the past. And I love their suits, and our guy wrote me and was like, ‘next time you post pics like that make sure you’re wearing Calvin Klein underwear.'”

LOLz! Sounds like someone’s jealous that those Nike athletic shorts got some gratuitous attention!!

But hey CK, we have an idea. Why don’t you make Nick Jonas your next seXXXy underwear model? He’s got abs that fit the job description and EVERYONE could use a full catalog of Nick in form-fitting boxer briefs.

Do we have a point or what?

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]


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