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5 Reasons Why The Conjuring Is The Best Possession Film In Years


I would love to say that possession films come and go on odd occasions but the fact of the matter is they do not. Every month or so it feels like there is another ghost story to tell that is loosely based on true events. Let’s just get it out of the way first; I am not claiming that The Conjuring is a horror spectacle because it is not stretched from reality. I have seen the original ghost adventurers AKA the Warrens testifying the films accuracy and I have also heard of a book that states the haunted Perron family kicked the Warrens out proclaiming that their presence and involvement just furthered the danger of the situation causing more issues.

Regardless, the movie as a whole definitely takes some minor liberties injecting some Hollywood flair into the story. Furthermore, I just have no interest in the legitimacy of the events. Rave reviews of a horror film piqued my curiosity for The Conjuring, not promises of a hyper realistic investigational ghoul documentary.

The Conjuring’s success both critically and commercially is the result of director James Wan creating a retro vibed horror masterpiece. The movie does not cop out and tell you to visit websites for more information. It isn’t a ridiculously titled sequel (seriously, how can you title anything The Last Exorcism – Part 2 with a straight face) of an already garbage attempt at horror. It is not retreading the same crap we have come to expect yearly (Paranormal Activity). James Wan lifted his experiences from even his own previous mediocre entries into the genre (Dead Silence and Insidious particularly); both the positives and the negatives.

The Conjuring found a way to take aspects and modern horror trends and display that with passion and undisputed vision those annoying tropes can be spun into moments of terror and brilliance.

Gore, language, and other R rated material (I am aware The Conjuring itself is rated R but James Wan confirmed that it is due to the fact that the film is so relentlessly unnerving and harrowing that there was nothing he could take out to tone the rating down) are proven against my vehement disdain to not be necessary in achieving real fear.

There are 5 specific elements that make The Conjuring stand head and shoulders above all the other dime a dozen poorly slapped together fright fests of farfetched paranormal activity. This list will explore those 5 aspects but beware: SPOILERS for the entire film are present.

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