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5 Fun Facts: ‘Elysium’ Star Matt Damon


Released in both conventional and IMAX theaters this weekend is Matt Damon’s new sci-fi action film, “Elysium.” The story is centered on Matt Damon’s character, Max, who must find a cure to his cancer virus. He plans to go to Elysium, a wealthy space station that houses medical machines with instant cures. Unfortunately, Max is not one of the elite and must form a plan to kidnap a wealthy man in order to steal his identity and sneak into Elysium. With only six days to live, Max must think fast and use all his strength to defeat Elysium’s Secretary of Defense, played by Jodie Foster, and her secret police forces. Will he live?

This is Matt Damon, and if he could accomplish the unthinkable as Bourne, he will most likely live to see the next day in “Elysium.” One thing’s for sure. Bourne is famous but many people don’t know much about him. Same goes for Damon. With all the fame, there are still a lot of facts about Damon even his fans may not know. Want to impress the fans and everyone else at the “Elysium” theater? Here are some interesting Damon facts.

1. Matt Damon’s ability to pick good roles isn’t because he has actor’s luck. Damon is very smart and thinks the roles through. How smart is he? The guy went to Harvard. Surprisingly though, Damon didn’t finish and dropped out short of 12 credits.

2. He doesn’t just act, but can dance also. Damon used to break- dance for money in his teen years.

3. He’s a gentleman but not. Matt announced his break-up from Minnie Driver on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Surprise Minnie! She didn’t even know the break-up had happened.

4. Damon has auditioned for quite a few roles where he’s been rejected and replaced by big name actors. For example, he auditioned for a role in “To Die For” but Joaquin Phoenix ended up getting the part. Then we have Edward Norton who was given the role in “Primal Fear” that Damon auditioned for. The rejection didn’t stop when Damon did a cameo in “The Sum Of All Fears,” which was cut from the final film.

5. An actor true to his technique, Damon learned that southern accent for “The Rainmaker” by taking a job as a bartender, in Knoxville, for free.

Photo Credits: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos

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