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10 Most Infuriating Movie Endings

star wars vader unmasked

As a film fan, there are few things worse than sitting through a seemingly awesome movie before being blindsided with a horrific ending that pretty much undoes all of the great work we just sat through. While not every entry on this list is a great or even necessarily good film – our #1 pick is truly wretched on every level – they all share one common strand; they boast an ending that invokes so much anger and frustration that it wholly detracts from everything that came before it.

Whether they’re lazy, needlessly downbeat, frustratingly ambiguous or borderline inconsequential, these 10 movie endings had us leaving the cinema in a fowl mood, not quite sure of what we’d just seen, but certain that it probably should have ended differently. Here are the 10 most infuriating movie endings…

10. Star Trek Into Darkness


The Ending: Kirk enters the radioactive engine chamber of the Enterprise to fix the warp core, and dies from radiation poisoning, as Spock helplessly watches on the other side of a window. However, tragedy is averted when it is discovered that Khan’s blood can be used to bring Kirk back to life, and all is saved.

Why It’s Infuriating: Firstly, it rips off the ending of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – where Spock dies under similar circumstances, with the same tender moment of recognition between him and Kirk – and then brings Kirk back from the brink of death through the laziest of means – Khan’s blood.

Though it is implied throughout that Khan is no ordinary being, to suddenly reveal his magic blood at the most convenient moment possible is just poor writing. None of expected or even wanted Kirk to die, but c’mon, there has to be a better way to play this out…

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