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Style School: Celeb Makeup Artist Suzie Kim Works Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood Glam Look

Have you ever seen Kim Kardashian on the town with less-than-perfect makeup?

As we all know, this Kardashian gal knows how to bring red carpet traffic to a halt with her show-stopping Hollywood glamour – and now Celebuzz fans can finally get the look at home.

Celebrity makeup artist Suzie Kim is breaking down the how-to so you can rock it at your own chic event.

Even if you’re not hitting a Tinseltown premiere, the classic yet seductive look is perfect for a night out or can be used to achieve that every day flawless pop of color you’ve seen on stars like Blake Lively, Katy Perry and Kardashian sisters.

Kim demos the makeup 101 to achieve that matte finish, dramatic shadow, and sultry lip, without worrying about creasing, smearing, or wear-down in a few simple steps! The step-by-step tutorial goes through the basics – the importance of moisturizing (even if you’re in a rush!) and spray peels with quick and easy products that exfoliate skin to reveal a natural glow.

Let Suzie Kim give you the makeup 101 in the CB! Style School video above.

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