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Here Are All The Stars That Came Out for Joy Behar’s Last Day on ‘The View’

To celebrate Joy Behar‘s final day on The View Friday, the show’s producers prepared a star-studded event celebrating her 16 years on the show. Seriously, everyone was there.

Here are some highlights from the show, including an accidental advance from Regis Philbin, romantic flings with Meredith Viera and Barbara Walters and Behar’s final words: “f**k Harry Reasoner.” Walters made history in 1976 when she became the first female co-anchor of a network news program sitting opposite Reasoner on ABC Evening News. Reasoner was famously uncomfortable with thee pairing and Walters has since spoken about his unfair treatment of her.

Behar is the second co-host to leave The View this year, when Elisabeth Hasselbeck left last month, only 15 minutes were dedicated to her farewell.

Check out the highlights in the video above.

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