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‘Rookie Blue’ Recap: Which Rookie Gets Shot By An Old Enemy?

Rookie Blue

The first part of the Rookie Blue season finale storyline is a big one, or at least it wants to be. The cops of 15 Division have had four cycles to make a lot of enemies, so who’s shooting at them now? It’s not too hard to find out.

Everything seems to be okay at first, as the rookies are having another night at the bar, including an appearance by Holly (Aliyah O’Brien). Gail is a bit miffed when Holly says she’s “meeting someone,” so she comes back to sulk next to ex-boyfriend Chris. Where are Andy and her new beau Nick? Yes, they’re in bed together again. Andy’s still brooding over covering for Marlo last week, but not enough to keep her hands off Chris. So nothing much has changed.

Meanwhile, Sam is still worried about Marlo, who’s on her way to stay with her sister. Apparently she’s asked him for space and he’s not really good with giving it. Traci’s temporarily bringing Leo to work, which amuses Steve (returning guest star Adam Macdonald), who tells us that he and Traci have been out “three or four times.” Even so, she’s still wary of him meeting her son.

And continuing down the Rookie Blue relationship checklist, Oliver is letting Celery crash with him, which Frank points out is not all that far removed from how Oliver’s relationship with his ex-wife started. The best news out of all the stuff going on, though, is that Noelle doesn’t have cancer.

Andy and Chloe are riding together today, and are startled when they hear a gunshot. That’s when Andy realizes the bullet’s gone into Chloe’s neck. A second shot rings out and she goes down. The bullets keep flying while Andy tries to keep Chloe conscious and everyone else rushes to the rescue, except for Dov, who’s on booking duty (because there’s less Gregory Smith in this episode, since he was busy directing it). That means he’s the last to know that his girlfriend is headed to the hospital. As if that’s not enough, Nick is talking to Andy when he realizes she was clipped, too.

While Sam and Traci begin their investigation, Gail and Oliver respond to a 911 call, but it looks pretty sketchy when they arrive. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this is another setup. They’re not hurt, but two shooting incidents in a row means that Rookie Blue‘s second badass, Luke Callaghan (recurring guest star Eric Johnson), gets to play. He states the obvious: this is personal.

At the hospital, Dov meets Wesley Cole (former Flashpoint star Cle Bennett), who claims to be Chloe’s ex-partner and ex-husband. He finds out from Wes how the pair were impulsively married, while Wes sizes him up. Gail runs into Holly, who is concerned for her welfare, and thinks that now is a good time to tell her that her date from the previous night wasn’t a big deal. Gail wisely shuts her up by kissing her. And since Andy was clipped by a bullet, she’s pulled off the street and away from her boyfriend.

Since Luke has taken over the second spot on the detective team, Steve suggests to Traci that they partner up. They pursue the idea that the shootings have something to do with the big bust from last week, but they don’t really think that’s the case. Steve wants to know why Traci doesn’t want him meeting Leo, and she meets him halfway by extending the offer for him to come over for dinner sometime.

Gail and Oliver are sent out to another 911 call, with Diaz as backup. However, since he’s two minutes out, Oliver decides they should go ahead without him, over Gail’s objections. When they enter the apartment in question, they find a man unconscious on the floor and his granddaughter worried sick about him.

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