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WWE: 5 Most Underrated/Misused Current Superstars

kofi kingston vs kevin nash

Every once in a while a wrestler comes along who earns your respect, but is nevertheless held in WWE purgatory. And sometimes we may not like a wrestler or buy into their gimmick and yet we recognize that they have potential to be a star. The WWE has been around for decades and lord knows they’ve mismanaged and missed many opportunities with various wrestlers.

I’m sure right now you could think of at least one or two superstars who aren’t being used to their full potential while other less talented stars are getting much more screen time instead (I’m look at you Great Khali). With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most underrated and misused WWE superstars on the roster today.

5. Big E. Langston

big e langston

I’ll admit that Big E. Langston has been given much more of a push recently. Leading up to Summerslam he teamed up with AJ Lee and feuded with former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. That’s certainly better than being booked as Ziggler’s lackey, but I can’t help but feel as though he still isn’t being used to his full potential.

Langston is one of the most impressively built wrestlers in the business today. And although he looks like a Hulk in the ring, he’s relatively quick on his feet and an overall good wrestler. Though his mic skills are atrocious at times, he’s damn entertaining in the ring and sometimes that’s good enough. So while I like that Langston is getting a push, I think he is still being underutilized. The WWE should play more to his strengths (his strength) and have him feud with someone who looks like they could actually take him out (The Big Show, Mark Henry, Ryback, etc.?). Ever since his debut it seemed as though Langston was going to follow the Batista model and that’s fine. He should follow that model. It worked before and it could work again. So let’s give him a fresh believable feud so we can buy into his character. If done correctly, I think there’s no doubt that Big E. will one day be a World Heavyweight Champion.

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