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5 Ways Saints Row IV Won Me Over (And How Comparing It To GTA V Is Redundant)

Saints Row 4

I really didn’t want to like Saints Row IV. Like really didn’t. Everything about the game just seemed like a bad choice. Superpowers? Really? You are the President? Seriously? Aliens? What! This is a game called Saints Row, and used to be about gangs taking over territories and descending into all out war. It wasn’t necessarily realistic, but it wasn’t this jumped up Saturday morning cartoon either. Of course I am being harsh here on purpose, because Saints Row IV did manage to win me over, wholly and completely.

To give some context, I have played all the Saints Row games, and while it was good, I thought the third entry was starting to stray a bit too far from what the franchise was supposed to be. I liked the game (I’ve fully completed it in fact) but it just was like it a significant departure. Well, that was a sign of things to come, because Saints Row is no longer Saint’s Row. It’s a superhero open world game where you battle aliens with your super-homies. It may have lost all sense of what it was, but it’s still a hell of a lot of fun.

Now, Saints Row IV has long suffered in the shadow of GTA, and there are still articles being written today comparing the two. It’s a fools errand. GTA is an ultimately realistic crime simulation open world game whereas Saint’s Row is a fun and wacky shooty jokey ‘jaunt into the weird and wonderful’ game. Where once there were comparisons, there are none anymore. Seriously, you could compare Saints Row IV to Prototype and come out with a more compelling argument.

Anyway, now that little paragraphs rant is out the way, lets take a look at the 5 Ways Saint’s Row IV Won Me Over.

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