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BILLY RAY CYRUS Praises MILEY For Taking “Risks,” Says Her Fame Is At “A Whole New Level” (VIDEO)

BILLY RAY CYRUS praised his daughter MILEY for taking “risks” and said her fame is at “a whole new level,” in a bizarre new interview with entertainment news.

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Billy Ray Cyrus reacted about all the flak that his daughter Miley Cyrus has been getting for her super raunchy MTV VMAs performance and all the nakedness in her music videos and racy album covers… and it’s still not what you were hoping for.

Just like in his last interview, the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer seems totally unfazed by her bothersome transformation, insisting that she’s still proud of his “little girl.”

Billy Ray said during a Thursday appearance on “Piers Morgan Live”:

“For me to think how hard she’s worked to get to his point, and what a risk – just the fact that she went and cut her hair off. That was huge.”

He explained:

“She could’ve stayed Hannah Montana forever and made a great living doing that, but she’s more of an artist than that, and she wanted to make a living and evolve.”

billy ray cyrus piers morgan interview

Despite her so-called evolution involving a lot of stripping her clothes off and sticking her tongue out, which Billy Ray reveals was all “thought out in advance” for the sake of her career, he thinks Miley is “very smart.”

Even though the “shock factor” in Miley‘s latest stunts is “tremendously higher than it used to be,” it seems this father and daughter tandem are not bothering themselves with criticism.

As Billy Ray puts it:

“She’s really very focused and loves what she’s doing. And that’s the main thing for me as a dad, seeing my little girl doing what she loves and making the music that she loves to make and hanging out with some incredibly talented producers, singer-songwriters, musicians.”

He says more in the interview, which you can watch below:

What can you say about Billy Ray still backing his daughter up?

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