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VANESSA LACHEY: My One-Year-Old Already Has A Crush!

VANESSA LACHEY reveals to star news that her one-year-old with NICK LACHEY already has a crush… her “Dad”s co-star, BRENDA SONG!

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Vanessa Lachey welcomed her son with husband Nick Lachey just a little more than a year ago, but the baby boy already has his first crush!

According to the first-time mom, little Camden seems to be having the kiddie hots for Vanessa‘s co-star on “Dads,” Trace Cyrus‘s on-again lady love, Brenda Song.

Vanessa shared to Us Weekly:

“He’s already in love with Brenda.”

And it looks like he has a type, too. Vanessa says the show’s creator, Seth Macfarlane suggested that it may be because Brenda “looks like mommy but it’s not mommy.”

CUE 000405

So how does her little one show affection?

“[Camden] cannot take his eyes off of her! He kept looking at her and going ‘Buh, buh, buh, buh, buh.'”

While that sounds all cute, Vanessa admits she’s not a hundred percent okay with it. She joked:

“I said, ‘I swear, if you say Brenda before you say mama, we’re going to have a problem. Already I’m having that mother’s remorse of who’re you dating? Why’re you going out with her? What’s her name? Where’s her family from? I need to back off. The kid is one!”

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