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Doctor Who Spoilers: Will Cybermen Be Behind The 11th Doctor’s Regeneration?


The enemy responsible for the regeneration of the Eleventh Doctor may have finally been let out of the bag. A stuntwoman for Doctor Who, Darelle Parker, dropped this little tweet today

“Great to be stunting again for Dr Who in the Christmas special playing a Cyberman.”

So does this mean the cybernetic baddies will be back, following the events of ‘Nightmare In Silver’, to take out Matt Smith’s Doctor once and for all? Or are they just here for a cameo, akin to the series five finale ‘The Pandorica Opens’ / ‘The Big Bang?’

I will admit, I was a little disappointed with Neil Gaiman’s Cybermen episode. The enemy themselves were probably the best they’ve been in Nu Who, but they still failed to deliver the menace and scares that classic episodes ‘Tomb Of The Cybermen’ or ‘The Invasion’. Though Gaiman was never going to match our extreme level of expectations after the magnificent season six’s ‘The Doctor’s Wife’.

Perhaps The Cybermen are just not good enough as an ever-returning baddie? That being said, what if they are the main enemy behind the Christmas special? Could we have a corker of a regeneration episode? Here are my thoughts on the potential for something great…

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