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GTA V: Top 4 Rumours And Theories


We’re almost there folks.

Grand Theft Auto V is less than a few weeks away.

By now, most of us are at a point where we think we know almost everything there is to know about the upcoming Rockstar Games blockbuster.


There are still plenty of things Rockstar has left unknown for us to (or not to) eventually find out. Even with multiple trailers, screenshots, interviews, and gameplay video’s we still do not know for a fact all of the characters backstories and their intent in the sprawling city of Los Santos.

We still have no clue when or if the game will make its way onto next-gen consoles and PC.

This has caused some fans to speculate and to come up with rumors and theories. Some rumors have already been debunked by Rockstar themselves, like the theory that we would be seeing the likes of old GTA protagonists such as Tommy Vercetti,CJ, and Niko Bellic. Others like the mysterious shed, have been figured out by the fan base.

Here we will talk about four of the biggest rumors and theories still out there and evaluate the probability of each.

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