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Josh Duhamel: I Plan to Get Fergie a Push Present

Josh Duhamel Fergie Push Present

Kevin Mazur/KCA2013/WireImage

It’s no secret that Josh Duhamel and Fergie are anxiously awaiting the day they finally get to meet their baby boy.

But now the actor is doubling up the incentive for delivering their first child: not only will they see their son, but Duhamel will be ready and waiting with his wife’s reward.

“Yes, I will be getting her a push present. I just don’t know quite what yet,” the dad-to-be, 40, tells PEOPLE.

“You got Christmas, you got birthdays, you got Valentine’s, you got Mother’s Day, you got every other thing in between … I don’t know who came up with this push present idea, but I think it’s probably a female.”

Recently, the Black Eyed Peas singer gave her husband a present of her own, officially changing her last name to match his.

“We’ve talked about it forever – she wanted to do this years ago. I think it’s very sweet,” Duhamel says, joking it “takes a lot of work for a girl to change her name.”

And although Fergie had planned to break the news to Duhamel herself, he admits the media beat her to it. “I didn’t know, she was actually going to do it as a surprise. Who knows over at whatever office you go into to do that, somebody over there must have leaked it,” he explains.

Gift giving aside, however, Duhamel says the couple’s most grateful for the upcoming addition of a healthy baby boy – a blessing he credits to Fergie’s dedication to their son.

“I’m really actually proud of my wife and how she’s handled it all. She’s really taking care of that little thing in there,” he says. “Everything is on track and it looks like we’re going to be okay to have a healthy baby.”

– Anya Leon

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