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The Simpsons: 5 Reasons Why Homer Simpson Is Secretly Australian

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The Simpsons. No other televison show in the technological history of this marvellous invention has affected society as much as this 30 minute (with commercials) marathon of madness. They have helped mould, shape and define a generation to an extent which has never been seen outside of an important historical figure. They have affected every facet of modern culture from how we speak to how we govern our lives. And none more so than the iconic figure head of the Simpson clan, Homer Simpson.

Homer’s sometimes wacky but always well-intentioned outlook on life and the strange ideology that governs his way of thinking , from family values to how we recieve significant cultural events, has become the very staple for modern day society among a vast majority of us. I find it funny that although he isn’t the smartest man in the world, he epitomize essentially what can be great about humanity. He is a man who embodies compassion, tolerance and an ability to grow beyond his mental capacity that is an inspiration to us all.

But after growing up with this television show from my preteen days through to today and as still a regular viewer, something has dawned on me that could possibly have an affect on how the entire world views this iconic character. HOMER SIMPSON IS AN AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN WHO EMIGRATED TO AUSTRALIA IN THE 1980s.

That’s right my friends, and I will not only take this to the grave with me as absolutely 100% fact but can actually show you how I came to this mind blowing conclusion. And before you pull out the argument that the storylines contradict everything I say, I submit to you that they are all fabricated lies or mis-truths (the sequence happened in Australia itself) as a lot of the modern episodes have added what I already had figured out as the “REAL SIMPSONS TIMELINE”.

So now for all of you I plan to showcase five reasons why the inevitable truth has been in plain sight for this whole time. And just to add a little weight to my argument, allow me to introduce you to someone who has an uncanny resemblance in how he lives his life, albeit sometimes a bit more cynical.

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