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Game Of Thrones: 20 Mind-Blowing Details You Might’ve Missed


Did you know that the on-set nickname for Iain Glen’s Jorah Mormont is ‘Jorah the Explorer,’ on account of his role as the exposition-giver to the audience? More to the point, how cool is that? It should be obvious really – while possessing a terrifying line in oratory, Daenerys seems to know very little about her new environs in Essos so relies upon the hard-bitten mercenary knight to explain matters to her, thus providing him with his frankly adorable nickname.

It’s these sorts of tidbits that make watching Game Of Thrones again all the more compelling. To borrow a metaphor from Shrek (one of the first, good ones), it’s sort of like an onion. You could take it at face value and be satisfied, but you could easily peel it back, look beneath the hood (to add yet another contrived metaphor) and find even more interesting things like this Jorah the Explorer fact. Well, I’m something of a Thrones completist, and armed with two series’ worth of director’s commentary and some obsessive digging around for other information, I believe I can support this rapidly unravelling metaphor.

Really, if you dig deep (must stop with these metaphors) you can find all sorts of facts concerning the detail put into the show. Whether it’s the factors taken into consideration during location filming, the technical undertaking behind the scenes or stuff the actors did and we didn’t know about, the Easter eggs are all over the palce and begging to be discovered.

So with this in mind, I’ve decided to compile what I believe to be the 20 most interesting details to have taken place behind or in front of Thrones’ cameras. Yet before we begin, I must point out that these are in no particular order and that a SPOILER WARNING is in effect. If you don’t wish to have the whole damn thing spoiled for you, I suggest you go away and watch it. I don’t want to be the guy who spoils something this awesome, so please, if you haven’t seen it, fix that. If nothing else, it’s a brilliant show, and well worthy of your time. Still here? Good. Let’s begin…

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