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GTA V Is Most Expensive Game Of All Time At $265 Million

Grand Theft Auto V - Gunplay

Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensively-assembled video game in history, with a budget clocking up to an eye-watering $265 million, according to the Metro.

That wallet-busting budget makes Rockstar Game’s upcoming sandbox title more expensive than any movie barring Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

However, the game is predicted to make $1.57 billion in just one year.

Although games with a budget of around $100 million aren’t exactly unheard of, the $265 million it cost to make GTA V means the crime epic has double the budget of 2008 predecessor GTA IV.

A number of films hover around the same mark, but the only flick that cost more to make than GTA V is Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End in 2007.

Despite the mindbogglingly-huge investment, Rockstar’s latest venture is expected to generate sales of 1 billion ($1.57 billion).

The size of the game’s budget makes it a lot easier to understand why GTA V is going to be bigger in scale than the previous two titles in the popular series and Red Dead Redemption combined.

GTA V follows three central protagonists, Trevor, Michel and Franklin, throughout a modern-day reimagining of Southern California.

GTA V is set for release on September 17 and will launch on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Watch the latest trailer below.

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