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Lady Gaga Has a Secret

Lady Gaga has a secret.

It seems almost incomprehensible that Lady Gaga, who has essentially made a career out of shock value, could have any secrets left. But she does, and this one isn’t going anywhere near the light of day anytime soon. TMZ reports that a New York judge has sided with Gaga and agreed to seal documents containing information that Gaga claims would damage her career.

The information is part of a suit between Gaga, her former producer and boyfriend Rob Fusari and a former friend named Wendy Starland. As TMZ postulates:

Gaga felt the information could harm her … by exposing details of a financial settlement she made with Fusari YEARS ago, in addition to other sensitive personal info.

A NY judge has sided with Gaga and ordered the docs sealed, pointing out that both Gaga and Rob want the info under wraps. So it’s pretty obvious … Wendy’s the one with the damaging info.

The surprising thing is not that Gaga has something in her past she wouldn’t like made public, but that she believes that something would actually harm her career. I mean, this is someone who’s turned cocaine abuse and an eating disorder into humanizing elements of her past. She’s a master at monetizing flaws and past mistakes.

But still, it’s hard not to wonder what this secret is.

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