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Eric Christian Olsen burned by taser gun on NCIS: Los Angeles

Eric Christian Olsen

Actor Eric Christian Olsen really suffered for his art on the set of Ncis: Los Angeles after his co-star Daniela Ruah accidentally burned a “hole” in his arm with a stun gun.

The pair was recently shooting a segment for the TV crime drama’s 100th episode with fellow castmate LL Cool J when Olsen decided to take a hit from the taser for real – and was left nursing a nasty burn.

He explains, “There’s a fight scene where (Ruah’s) using a taser and she did it with LL first, and he said, ‘Don’t turn it on’, and… when she hit him with the taser, he acted. So when I show up a little bit later, I’m like, ‘Yeah, let’s put it on, let’s do it for real.’

“It’s one of those (stun guns) where you touch it once and it holds a charge, and if you continue to hold it down, it continues to send charges, so she hit me with it, with her finger on (the trigger) and it burned a hole in my arm. It’s in the episode and it’s very funny.”

The anniversary episode airs in the U.S. on Tuesday night (15Oct13).

Ironically, Ruah is Olsen’s soon-to-be sister-in-law – the actress is pregnant and engaged to marry Olsen’s brother and TV stunt double, David Olsen.

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