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Johnny Knoxville — I Got DRUGGED at Frat House … It Was Awesome!



SOMEONE DRUGGED JOHNNY KNOXVILLE AT A FRAT HOUSE … so says Johnny Knoxville, but he ain’t exactly complaining about it.

Knoxville says someone slipped an ecstacy pill into is beer during a recent promo shoot for his new movie “Bad Grandpa” … and during his drug-induced haze, he injured his hand.

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    • Drugged
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    • Drugged
    • He's kidding

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    “I wasn’t mad at all,” Johnny said … “I hadn’t done it since my 20s and I was like ‘this is awesome’ … and after that the wheels fell off.”

    Now, knowing Johnny … it’s totally possible he’s telling the truth. But still, we gotta ask …

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