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10 Reasons Kick-Ass 2 Failed Miserably

Kick-Ass 2 began to open around the world this week, and as many expected, the law of diminishing returns is in full swing. Kick-Ass 2 presently sits at a disappointing … Continue reading

June 6, 2014 · Leave a comment

10 Movies In Which Characters Cracked Up In Spectacular Style

Watching someone’s psyche disintegrate is absolutely horrifying in real life, but can be quite entertaining in the movies in the sort of fashion that watching zombie apocalyptic scenarios is fun, … Continue reading

May 26, 2014 · Leave a comment

10 Most Underrated 80s Teen Movies

The 1980s were pretty much the Golden Age of teen cinema, as far as I’m concerned. They were able to perfectly capture all of our hormonal angst and package it … Continue reading

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10 Most Infuriating Movie Endings

As a film fan, there are few things worse than sitting through a seemingly awesome movie before being blindsided with a horrific ending that pretty much undoes all of the … Continue reading

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Plot Points That Needed Further Exploration

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is awesome. In fact, I love it – of that there is no doubt. It has created an unprecedented, interlinked world in which the real world … Continue reading

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The Great Escape: A Retrospective To Celebrate The Film’s 50th Anniversairy

As of last month, The Great Escape is now fifty years old. First released in 1963, John Sturges’ World War II epic depicted the escape of seventy six airmen from … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Ryan Gosling Should Be Cast As Batman In New Movie

By now we have all watched Zack Snyder’s Comic-Con appearance and my word has it caused an almighty stir on the internet, which is pretty understandable. When actor Harry Lennix … Continue reading

May 12, 2014 · Leave a comment

3 Reasons Why The X Files 3 Needs To Be Made

The X Files recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary at Comic Con and fans seemed just as excited as when the show was still on the air. The last X Files … Continue reading

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10 Transgressive Movies That Went Beyond The Boundaries

The term ‘transgressive cinema’ was coined by underground film maker Nick Zedd who made several edgy black and white films which crossed moral boundaries. Indeed the term transgressive is used … Continue reading

May 10, 2014 · Leave a comment

5 Reasons Why The Conjuring Is The Best Possession Film In Years

I would love to say that possession films come and go on odd occasions but the fact of the matter is they do not. Every month or so it feels … Continue reading

May 9, 2014 · Leave a comment