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10 Doctor Who Episodes That Tragically Wasted Their Genius Premise

Let’s get something out the way. Doctor Who is good. Really, really good. To my mind, that’s mostly down to the writers. Let me explain. Doctor Who’s premise is something … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: 10 Weirdest Moments From The Classic Series

As I mentioned in one of my most recent articles (most recent here being a relative term…) Doctor Who as a whole is specifically designed to be as weird as … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Spoilers: Will Cybermen Be Behind The 11th Doctor’s Regeneration?

The enemy responsible for the regeneration of the Eleventh Doctor may have finally been let out of the bag. A stuntwoman for Doctor Who, Darelle Parker, dropped this little tweet … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: 10 Examples Of Incredible Fan-Art

There’s fan-fiction, there’s cosplay, and there are a thousand ways to show your appreciation of a TV show. I for example have ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees as my … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: 10 Episodes That Should’ve Been Terrible (But Rocked Anyway)

Sometimes Doctor Who pushes the envelope. Sometimes it works, and sometimes we get the singing nonsense that was The Rings of Akhaten. Nu-Who is quite particular about this as there’s … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: 5 Of The Best TARDIS Interiors

Everyone has their favourite version of the interior of the greatest time machine in history. From the clean and clinical original version, right up to the Eleventh Doctor’s steampunk-clashed-with-coral. Here’s … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why Peter Capaldi Will Be Brilliant As The 12th Doctor

The moment’s finally here. Ever since Matt Smith announced back in June that he would be leaving the beloved role of the Doctor, the internet’s been buzzing about who would … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Looking Back At The Multi-Doctor Stories

The recent Royal Visit to the Doctor Who studios seems to have confirmed that John Hurt is indeed one of the Doctors and that the 50th Anniversary will be The … Continue reading

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5 Most Irritating Arguments Made Against Modern Doctor Who

As a Doctor Who fan, I come across a lot of commentary from fellow fans about the show: sometimes I agree with them, but other times I just roll my … Continue reading

December 7, 2012 · Leave a comment

10 Happiest Accidents in Doctor Who History

To look back on Doctor Who, one would be forgiven for believing that the series proposal must have been longer than all the Harry Potter books combined. If I was … Continue reading

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