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Premier League: 10 January Transfers That Make Sense

Christophe Ena/AP/Press Association Images

Christophe Ena/AP/Press Association Images

With the January transfer window open and in full swing, this month is one for managers up and down the country to take stock of what they do and do not need.

Some players will be moving to a new club with high hopes and expectations while others will find they are deemed surplus to requirements.

And, while no Premier League sides have sprung into action on the market front thus far, there remains over three weeks of business to get through, and absolutely anything could happen.

Already, managers will have an idea of what they’re looking for in January, having secreted scouts to games across the land over the past few months to compile valuable reports.

Whether it’s a defender to fix a leaking defence, a midfielder to boss the middle of the park or a silky-skilled striker to get the goals in, each of the 20 topflight sides will have their eyes on someone.

As is usually the case with transfer windows, the rumour mills will be churning out a load of nonsense between now and the 31st, but there are proposed moves out there that make sense.

Here’s 10 that we’ve rounded up.

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